About Us

About Us

Who are UNILINK Sports?

UNILINK Sports is a sport & education agency created to give student-athletes from all over the world the opportunity to play and study in the United Kingdom and Europe.  We partner with universities all over the UK to offer a placement service designed to allow our student-athletes to play their chosen sport while studying for a postgraduate degree. In addition to college sports, we also support our student athletes in finding club playing opportunities.

This is your chance to join the UNILINK Sports team and broaden your horizons. Travel across the globe with us, gain valuable experience and study the subject you love.

“UNILINK Sports has been a great opportunity for me to get my Master’s Degree and continue to play basketball. This has opened me up to connections in Europe that I may not have made in America to continue playing basketball while giving me a unique experience I won’t forget.” Khyle-Anders

“UNILINK Sports was extremely helpful throughout my application process to university and has continued to be helpful during my whole stay in the U.K.! It can be intimidating studying abroad but UNILINK Sports has really made my experience stress free.” Jenna

“Studying in Europe has always been something that I wanted to do. UNILINK not only helped to pursue my masters but also to keep playing football. I am very happy I found Unilink” Carla


UNILINK Sports was founded by Peter Antoniades in 2015, a former student-athlete in both America and the United Kingdom. Peter completed his undergraduate degree in Sports Science at the University of Southampton, where he was part of a British University & Colleges Sports (BUCS) National Championship soccer winning side. He then attended New York Institute of Technology, earning a Masters in Business Administration whilst setting a new record for highest goals scored in a single season for the men’s soccer team.

“I have always loved sports and travel. I am so grateful that I was able to combine my love for sports, learning and travelling. I founded UNILINK Sports with the aim to give others the opportunity to do this too.” Peter Antoniades

“My passions are sports and travel. If yours are too, Let UNILINK Sports help you combine the two whilst studying for a post graduate degree”Peter Antoniades